Dr Ilham Saleh Abuljadayel

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Ilham Saleh Abuljadayel, is the sole inventor of the TriStem Technology, and co-founder.

She discovered the process of retrodifferentiation in the early nineties and also developed ways of committing the retrodifferentiated cells into a variety of cells/tissue types, including haematopoietic, neuronal, mesenchymal, cardiomyogenic, endothelial and exocrine cell lineages etc.

Based on her research, Dr. Abuljadayel co-founded the TriStem Group. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Cell Biology (1985) and her PhD in Immunology (1990) from King’s College, University of London.


What People Say About Us

I was extremely sceptical. They did it in front of my eyes with my own blood. It’s stunning.

Professor Tim McCaffrey

We saw when the blood came out of the patient, and after it had been incubated with the antibody, there was a visible difference. After six days the guy had platelets and neutrophils he never had before.

Professor Richard Boyd