Professor Hosny Salma

Professor of  Hepatology and Gastroenterology at Cairo University.

Professor of Hepatology and Gastroenterology at Cairo University. He is president of the Egyptian Society of Stem Cell Therapy and the Egyptian Society for Study of NASH and it’s complications.

Additionally, he has recently been focusing on immunotherapy and its role in treating HCC, and has had some promising results from early clinical trials in mastering liver intervention with innovation of hydatidcyst aspiration using PAIR technique.

Dr Salma was the recipient of the Egyptian Academy for Science Development and Innovation prize in 1998, and the Cairo University Prize for Scientific Accreditation in 2010 .


What People Say About Us

I was extremely sceptical. They did it in front of my eyes with my own blood. It’s stunning.

Professor Tim McCaffrey

We saw when the blood came out of the patient, and after it had been incubated with the antibody, there was a visible difference. After six days the guy had platelets and neutrophils he never had before.

Professor Richard Boyd