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TriStem believes that there is a wide ranging potential for clinical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications for its proprietary stem cell technology. For example, novel compounds could be screened for their retrodifferentiation ability in order to manipulate a specific cell type in the body and such cells can be studied for research purposes to better understand stem cell biology.

Stem cells are being investigated as therapeutics for a wide variety of applications. TriStem will initially evaluate the clinical potential of its retrodifferentiation stem cell technology in aplastic anaemia, thalassemia and leukaemia patients that would ordinarily require a blood marrow transplant(BMT). Leukaemia, a disease which resulted in an estimated 22,100 deaths in the United States alone in 1999, is also a disease area with a wide unmet clinical need and a large potential for expedited clinical development. TriStem will also in due course explore the application of its technology in other areas of oncology such as lymphoma, myeloma and solid tumours. In addition, the technology should over time be employed in the treatment of a much wider range of illnesses such as spinal cord injury, diabetes and heart disease.

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